Welcome to the world of a slot car racing championship where you race in beautiful locations with cool sports cars against the toughest opponents.
As a beginner slot car racer your goal is to win races, gain money to upgrade your car, get the attention of the current champion and beat him to take his place as the best of the best.

High Gear is a new kind of slot car racing experience where every turn on the track has a clearly displayed start line, end line, and speed limit.
Winning is all on you to know when to brake when to accelerate and to use your weapon at the right time. Every track has multiple routes to take and each route has a power-up that gives different kinds of advantages which makes every race a new unique experience.


Falcon GameStudio is a team of two brothers from Hungary, Csaba Kiss(Programmer) and Gábor Kiss(Artist) who always loved gaming and now spend their free time trying to make games with new and interesting gameplay.


  • 7 cool sports cars to choose from
  • 2 distinct game modes
  • Beautiful track locations like a beach, a city, a cliff or a train station
  • Weapons to slow down opponents
  • Car upgrades
  • Multiple routes on tracks
  • Pickable power-ups


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Csaba Kiss
Gábor Kiss